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tv   [untitled]    April 13, 2013 11:44pm-12:14am PDT

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companies are in seeking oil and the impacts that it has on our environment whether it is the gulf coast or the tar sands or the habitats around the world like in ecuador and so we have a responsibility to apply to the people of the world and i hope that we can take that action here as the board of supervisors of san francisco. >> thanks, supervisor avalos for the hearing. i want to thank everyone no came out and spoke today. i could not agree more about climate change and the urgency that we have to act as a country and a nation, internationally and locally. and this is certainly one way to have that discussion. and so, i firmly believe in the idea. and i want to thank the people who came out to talk about that and i think that everyone really respects the passion that everyone has, especially the students that koim out, thank you all if you are all still here and thank you for taking the time. so, in terms of resolution, a
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few concerns. one, i especially my colleagues know and they have... we pass on resolutions but this is on the level that this is a larger matter that we will have to deal with here and something that impacts us greatly locally. a few other issues, one, i do have a concern about that investing returns for the retirement fund and social policies and i thank the director for being up here today for speaking. and i don't know if you are still here. you know right now, we have a target of 7 and a half percent expected investment returns from our retirement board. and as i have expressed many times to the staff and others, i think that is a completely unrealistic expectation. and our investment returns effects so many things to employees to retirees and how much we have to pay in the
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pensions and for healthcare which we will talk about later today and it has a huge impact across our city and these investment returns and for everyone involved in the city and county of san francisco so we can't take that lightly, i am also mindful of the legal restriction and we don't want to be putting anything into the resolutions or in favor of them passing them or that are contrary to the legal restrictions that the board has as fiduciaries to its members. and likewise, you know, this is maybe, something or a topic for the full board of supervisors and i think that there is asome hypocrocy that the full board approved the contact with shell oil last year, and (inaudible) but, however, we are to vote in favor of shell oil on one hand, and it was for clean power that the people could argue for that.
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however, i think that is a good discussion to have. >> however, two things, let me discussion this, supervisor avalos? something where i could like to get this out of committee. and we were not planning on having just two of us here. adding two causes in here, and let me suggest these amendments and see if you are okay with those. >> one adding a resolve clause that perhaps could do with second resolve clause abesinger further resolve clause that the city and county board of supervisors understands that the policies supercede the retirement fiduciary to its members. ... >> no i am not really, kie entertain that, i don't know if we have to put that because we talk about legal constraints that the board is under and so it would be a moot point. but if you feel that it has to go in, i could consider it, but i think that it is already the
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fiduciary responsibility of the retirement board to have those considerations. >> i think from my perspective it is important to acknowledge, i think if you read this text alone, it does not account for that and for me it is important to acknowledge that the retirement board has a separate duty and so i would suggest that we put that in one in there. >> let me suggest a second one as well. >> i want to appreciate the economists who came out and talked about the implications if we could have a better portfolio, i think that we are going to be better off as a city and county, and i acknowledge the fact and i appreciate the acknowledgment but it is difficult to look forward. however, i do think that we can't as we seek to mandate or excuse me, urge our retirement board to consider divesting from certain sector and so forth for a social perspective which this one i will support.
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we run the risk of taking lower investment returns as a result. and, so i would suggest a second clause, saying that the san francisco, excuse me, the city and county of san francisco board of supervisors, to the fact accepts that divesting in fossil fuel companies, reducing the investment returns as a result and the city and county of board of supervisors believes that in the investment of fuel is an acceptable trade off for all current and retired city employees who are affected by the retirement board. >> with those in there, i am happy to put that forward. >> i don't know why you would want to put in the second clause because it could go the other way too, it may or may not, see a reduction in investments being successful. it just seems, you know, that you are adding language that is
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pretty superfolous. but if you feel like you have to have it in there, and you know, consider it, i would actually consider possibly you know, if we add it to the full board and that could be a place where you could have the language there before, this is the first time that i heard the language myself. and so it seems like, you know, it would make sense that we would consider a possible amendment for the full board to have there and i think that you probably have, you know, support from colleagues to do that. but if you want to insist, i will want to move this thing forward. and i am willing to accept those amendments to move it forward. but i want to say one other thing. you mentioned support for clean power as being some what hypocritical to support this resolution and to support the
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clean power sf program, i think that it is easy to be able to use the word hypocrocy for the full board of supervisors it is like giving out tickets to the indianapolis 500, i don't think that it makes a lot of sense, if you want to drill down to what we approve for the clean power program, and we approved a program that was giving 100 percent renewable clean power to san francisco and it is being brought to us by shell. i believe that i could be called a hypocrite every day, for bringing a resolution like this forward because i drive a car and i put gas in that car but i do believe that i work very hard to minimize my use of fuel in a car. and my use of a car as well. when it comes to shell and the clean power, we are talking about the operations of the city. and we are talking about the way that we provide clean energy to people and talking
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about how to make the city run and the residents have the ability to use their computers and their appliances in the houses and that is the base of operations that we are trying to actually use a clean energy to do in san francisco. and when it comes to investments of the dollars, we have the whole other thing and we can make choices about how we invest our public dollars and what the power of our investments are and that could be a wholly two different things and i can live with that. and i can see how people can, you know, claim hypocracy, you know, i think that it is easy to use those terms. and i would just rather that i did not get applied to intentions here with the full board when i work very hard to try and weigh all of the different trade offs that i have to achieve the goals around being renewed energy to san francisco and try to make an impact on climate change. >> and supervisor, i appreciate those comments, i agree that you did take more (inaudible)
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and was not directed to you personally, but to the full board. however, i think that when shell is a company out of the 200 and we are talking about divesting out of them and i don't agree that there is a difference between agreeing to do that and signing a contract with them with the full board of supervisors and at the same point in time we will divest out of a company that is two separate objectives and so i appreciate your comments. and i don't agree with them. and i think that there is a huge difference there and something that should be pointed out. and i am not so sure if anyone approves of us signing contracts with shell oil. and however, that again actually stregtens my resolve and acknowledging that there are trade offs between social policies and investment returns. and as i said before, that is my big consideration here, i completely agree with the climate change movement but i think that we need to be responsible as well and
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acknowledge that the retirement members who depend upon it are acknowledge as well and have a part in this. >> so we already have except for my staff, we already have language and the whereas klous under 12.100 under the board of san francisco employees, to (inaudible) shall have primary authority and fiduciary responsibility for investment of moneys and administrations or retirement system. so we already have in the clause but i will accept your amendments and we can do those for the full board. >> okay. >> so, do we have those okay? >> all right. we have those amendments and we can do it without opposition? elet's move forward. >> and we can do this recommendation for the full board and do you want to the full board two weeks from today? >> the 23rd. >> and we can have a motion to move it forward to the full
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board for the meeting on april 23rd. >> we can do so without opposition. >> and mr. clerk, do we have any other announcements. >> just to an firm that the amendment was accepted and recommended without recommendation to the full board meeting on april 23rd. >> yes. >> that complete thises morning's agenda. >> okay. we are adjourned.
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>> the public wants to access particular information about your house or neighborhood we point them to gis. gis is a combination of maps and data. not a graphic you see on a screen. you get the traffic for the streets the number of crimes for a police district in a period of time. if the idea of combining the different layerce of information and stacking them on top of each other to present to the public. >> other types of gis are web based mapping systems. like google earth, yahoo maps.
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microsoft. those are examples of on line mapping systems that can be used to find businesses or get driving directions or check on traffic conditions. all digital maps. >> gis is used in the city of san francisco to better support what departments do. >> you imagine all the various elements of a city including parcels and the critical infrastructure where the storm drains are. the city access like the traffic lights and fire hydrants. anything you is represent in a geo graphic space with be stored for retrieval and analysis. >> the department of public works they maintain what goes on in the right-of-way, looking to dig up the streets to put in a pipe. with the permit.
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with mapping you click on the map, click on the street and up will come up the nchgz that will help them make a decision. currently available is sf parcel the assessor's application. you can go to the assessor's website and bring up a map of san francisco you can search by address and get information about any place in san francisco. you can search by address and find incidents of crime in san francisco in the last 90 days. we have [inaudible] which allows you to click on a map and get nchldz like your supervisor or who your supervisor is. the nearest public facility. and through the sf applications
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we support from the mayor's office of neighborhood services. you can drill down in the neighborhood and get where the newest hospital or police or fire station. >> we are positive about gis not only people access it in the office but from home because we use the internet. what we used to do was carry the large maps and it took a long time to find the information. >> it saves the city time and money. you are not taking up the time of a particular employee at the assessor's office. you might be doing things more efficient. >> they have it ready to go and say, this is what i want. >> they are finding the same things happening on the phone where people call in and ask, how do i find this information?
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we say, go to this website and they go and get the information easily. >> a picture tells a thousand stories. some say a map >> i all this meeting to order, would you call the roll?
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>> sure, i note that your replacing in her absence, lloyd, present. >> metcalf? >> present. >> reiskin? >> present. >> director sartipi is in route, you do have a quorum. >> first israel em, community indication? s >> i am not aware of any. >> executive director's report. >> i will note that the board of directors of business that i am not aware of any either. >> okay. >> good morning, good morning, everyone. this week, we reached a couple of great milestones, the first one is we started the geo thermal piping on monday of this week and we are starting to put in the permanent structures and second we finished the baoel street bridge over the weekend with no
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complaints and 0 problems and we received a thank you note for 119 freemont thanking us for the great work that we did, and another thing that i wanted to refer to the board as you know last month you gave us authorization to attempt to enter into negotiations to reach a fair and reasonable price. engaged in that with our team, for some time, and however, they would not provide a fair and reasonable price, so on april third, a formal letter to scanko rejecting their bid. what we are going to do now is web corp is going to repackage everything into four packages and as you know they put the bids out and it is there for the subs, the first one will be for the cast notes which i will bring to you in may, and the remaining three will be for the structural steal work and those will be put out on april 25th and plan to bring this item to
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the board some time at the latter end of june or july, because this admission due date is the 20th. that is where we are with the scale and i would like sarah to give an update on the quarterly financial reports. >> good morning directors. these are your standard quarterly financial reports, budget to actual shows that we are in the budget with both the capitol and the operating budget for the fiscal year. the second report is the contract status report, shows contract terms authorization, amounts and endb participation. and i did want to call out and come commend our program management team for being almost 100 percent on the contract as well as the environmental to be over 50
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percent on their contract and doing the environmental process, the third report is the investment report and shows that we have a position in the city's equity and pool and also a small amount in our trust account. this report was as of december 31, so the very large department that we got from heinz in march and that will show from the next quarterly report and invested that in the treasuries for now to be safe over anything else. and the fourth report is to date capitol expenditure and revenues and i am happy to answer any questions. >> there aren't any. >> seeing no questions, i will now turnover to bob to give our quarterly project labor agreement report which are really proud of the progress that we continue to make with that. >> thank you maria, directors,
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we had in february, our quarterly update meeting with the trade unions to brief on progress over the work in the field and also upcoming packages. projects or any work stoppages and we also had this month, a meeting with shimmick and part of the la is for the trade package as it prepares to mobilize and we have a specific preconstruction meeting with the trade unions and all of the subcontractors to make those contacts with both the contractor and the employees who are going to be signing up
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through the union. the bus ram packaging are being prepared now and will be going out in the prequalification process has already begun and it will be going out late this summer, including iron workers and carpenters and work and labor and water proofers and masons and we discussed the super structure package which you are familiar with and this has been on the radar screen for some time but we just went over that again with them. and then, the building and trades union also reported to us on their efforts and their out reach to continue to work with john oconnol high school and building up the program there as a potential
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preapprenticeship. and aus making it for a program for the kids that are coming through the high school, with the relationship between the trade unions. >> we are also within the project team, of course, the tjpa, and the student trainnies every year and we also require that of our primary consultants so the pmcerebral palsy and cmo turner and web corp also beginning their process to identify their summer interns for this coming summer. and at this point, i would like to invite ted up to talk about the effort to watch out to the veterans and to build a network of agencies in northern california to track and place veterans into opportunities in the construction industries.
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>> okay. >> thank you, very much. >> i wanted to give you a brief update on how things stand currently, on march fifth we had the building veteran futures task meeting. and it was basically convening not only in the community organizations and variety ran's administration and representatives and several trade unions but also we had contractors in the room as well. several of the larger contractors in the bay area. and panko and all of the ones that do the work in the city and we have a lot of collar ration going, but for this i wanted to point out that all of us and the contractors are on board with the veteran's hiring, in terms of actively seeking to higher veterans when
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appropriate. we also have the trade unions also and the trade and the carpet and the engineers as well as the iron work and hers my goal was to have each of these unions and have identified a veteran's rep and then think them with the identify veteran's reps from the employers side and so there is a direct relationship, so that is progressing very well and on the more industry level. and i have been pretty successful in reading that in the enter agency employment, and most recently, it would have reached the director of apprenticeship for standards for northern california and our efforts for what is happening on the trade level globally to better serve our veterans.
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it began our work in progress and i will keep the board posted on any new developments. and things are progressing well, as an example, web corp has hired eight since january 2012. but since we have it for the employees so we can do it from the (inaudible) side, thanks. >> thank you, ted. >> thank you, ted. web corp has really done a fantastic job, in stepping into the veteran's recruitment area and really making connections with the agencies in northern california and so there is an impact that is flowing far beyond the project coming out of this. in terms of apprenticeship programs and the web corp continues to work on the hiring
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hall and sit on the board of the hiring hall. and in terms of bringing at-risk adults into the construction trades, and is also working with city-built program where they also sit on the board for advisory board for city build. so they are deeply involved with both of those and fostering the programs in the city. in terms of our performance on the apprenticeship and the project, again, just mentioning the tracking elements that we worked to build into the software program for the workforce reporting these have really helped us turn the corner and have been a great
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management tool and getting the participation levels that we need under the contract. >> there are two types of tracking. the first is for labors and operators where it is a one to five on the hours worked at the end of the job and for the rest of it it is a 1 to 5, i am sorry, 1 to 5 for the entirely of the job for most trades but for the operating engineers and laborers it is 1 to 5 on a daily basis and so our percentages for laborers and operators are continuing to track it well above the 16 and two-thirds percent, almost one to four ratio. and on a daily basis, the other trades, you can see the red is actually good in this image that red is our actual, the green is the target on a daily basis and over the last year
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since we implemented this tool the tracking has been very successful in exceeding the apprenticeship ratios. if you have any questions we will be happy to answer them. >> that was great report. it seems like great progress from the youth for veterans to the apprentices. a question that the over all number is great for the over all operators and 19 over a roll of 16, as you go down trade by trade, are we fairly uni formed or we have most trades meeting the 16? >> yeah. we don't have a lot of diversity in trades, right now we have iron workers and carpenters and laborers and masons primarily and operating engineers. so we don't have a great diversity in trades right now. so they are all tracking well but we could break that out by trade


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